As Christine in “The Phantom of the Opera"

"Teri Bibb is back as Christine Daaé, and it is her deliriously lovely soprano that carries the show."

The Washington Post  

"Teri Bibb is Dresden perfection as Christine."
  -The Miami Herald

"The real standout in this 'Phantom' is Teri Bibb, who brings a remarkably pure soprano and intriguing character complexity to Christine." 

-The Richmond News Leader


In "One Enchanted Evening," Odyssey Arena, Belfast, No. Ireland

"Once you have found her, never let her go - so goes the song and it applies to American diva Teri Bibb, who was the jewel in a star-studded 'One Enchanted Evening' at the Odyssey." 

- Belfast Telegraph


In the world premiere of "Children of the Night" at the Beverly Hills Playhouse

"…after Bibb displays her technical grace on her solo ballad, 'Still on the Stage,' it's clear she's in a class of her own here." 

Phil Gallo , Variety


"As Ellen, Bibb is lovliness and grace personified, and sings with a glorious soprano." 

Steven Stanley , Stage Scene LA


For "Once Upon a Song"

"This show was a perfect trip down memory lane... fresh and funny and perfectly sung. Book it now!" 

- Karyl Lynn Burns, Producing Artistic Director, Rubicon Theatre

"She brought her big Broadway talent and transported us to another time and place...I would recommend this show to the fullest extent!" 
- Jeremy Koch, Artistic Director, Farmers Alley Theatre

In "Fanny" at the Paper Mill Playhouse

"In Teri Bibb, an exquisite, delicate Fanny has been found.  Possessed of the tessitura that complements the score's most surging moments, Miss Bibb can summon the ardor and fire of the suppressed, vulnerable Fanny." 

- Alvin Klein, The New York Times


In “She Loves Me” at Musical Theatre West

"Bibb elicits magic from the exquisite ballads and delivers a delightfully saucy characterization.  She shares a sparkling chemistry with Bisom." 

– Les Spindle, Backstage West


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